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Our specialists include core senior members of regional multi-disciplinary cancer teams managing upper aero-digestive tract, thyroid and salivary gland malignancies.

They work with other super-specialist regional teams managing (even rarer) childhood/adolescent and other soft tissue (sarcoma) malignancies in the head and neck.

This team is at the forefront of developing and evaluating novel technological tests and other screening strategies, to avoid unnecessary over-investigation and wasted costs in disease management.

They are also leading the way with evolving minimally-invasive / robotic surgical treatment options aimed at minimised disruption for the patient through:

  • Reduced functional morbidity of treatment (minimised impact on voice, swallowing, breathing, pain etc)
  • Smaller or no incision scar
  • Shorter hospital stays, allowing earlier normalised function and return to work

Simple screening tests including nasendoscopy assessment. This is well tolerated and performed within minutes during the outpatient visit, with or without topical local anaesthesia, often affording reassurance and facilitating feedback and treatment for patients.

This test allows the specialist to look directly at the nasal passage (nose), pharynx (throat) and larynx (voice box). Where needed, also the gullet (oesophagus) for appropriate patients.  The endoscope is a thin, flexible tube with a bright light at the end, allowing the specialist to clearly and directly view different areas of the lining in the nose, throat and voice box to check whether any disease or abnormality is present. It is passed via the nostril, down to the voice box.

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