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Many people have nasal sensitivity or reactions to allergens and particulates. We assess and provide advice with respect to common environmental allergens and other causes of nose symptoms including:  

  • grass and tree pollens (hay fever)
  • house-dust / house-dust mite
  • feather down and pet dander
  • moulds, mildew and other fungal spores
  • perfume / after-shave
  • hair, scalp and face products
  • chlorine in swimming pools, oil and other solvent triggers in trade or DIY preparation and decorating

There are many reasons, in addition to Covid19, as to why people may experience changes or problems with their senses of smell and taste which we assess and diagnose.

We offer contemporary treatments and surgeries to address nasal concerns including:

  • Surgery for septal deformity, enlarged nasal turbinates, endoscopic (key-hole) surgery for nasal polyps and sinus obstruction, biopsy/removal of other benign and malignant sinonasal tumours
  • Key-hole endoscopic surgery for complications of sinusitis
  • Adenoidectomy (removal of adenoid tissue)
  • Sleep Nasendoscopy (Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy, DISE) for assessment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)

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