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  • Preventative ear care & advice – for patients with a tendency to repeated ear symptoms and problems. This may include regular swimmers, water sports enthusiasts, regular divers, frequent flyers, individuals with particularly narrow and/or hairy ear-canals
    • ear wax impaction
    • itching and discharge of ear canal eczema
    • repeated ear infections
    • previous mastoid surgery requiring regular aural cleaning
  • Ear wax microsuction (this is inherently gentler and safer than ear syringing, avoiding complications such as perforated eardrums, refractory and chronic outer ear infections with resistant microbes, candida etc.)
  • Assessment and advice on hearing loss (including variety of hearing and other assistive aids that would help) and ear-associated imbalance
  • Tinnitus (ringing, buzzing or other noises within the ear)
  • Grommet insertion or balloon eustachian tuboplasty (middle ear fluid or difficulties with equalising middle ear pressure)
  • Surgical repair of severely scarred/narrowed (stenosed) ear canals, perforated eardrums, assessment and surgical / non-surgical management of middle and inner ear diseases including mastoid surgery for chronic infection and cholesteatoma, repair/replacement of damaged or scarred middle ear bones (including Stapedectomy and ossicular prosthesis insertion)

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